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U-KISS releases new version of “Someday”


U-KISS surprised fans today when they released a new version of their follow-up song, “Someday” through various music sites.

Fans are speculating that the boys engineered a new take on the song in order to accommodate member Soohyun, who developed alarming vocal cord nodules. The condition forced U-KISS to prematurely halt their promotions for “Neverland“, and so it’s possible that U-KISS’s management is taking no chances on irritating them again. Read the rest of this entry

U-Kiss loves Lee Seung Gi


Male idol group U-KISS shared a photo taken with Lee Seung Gi.

On October 15th, Kevin revealed the above picture on Twitter with a short comment, “Together with Lee Seung Gi. You’re the coolest guy, hyung! Thank you for taking a picture with us!Read the rest of this entry

U-KISS’s Soohyun impresses by singing 3 songs live in spite of vocal cord nodule


On October 15th, U-KISS‘s Soohyun moved fans and impressed officials at the ‘2011 Asia Song Festival‘ by singing three songs live — a normative feat, to be sure, but Soohyun was diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule.

The boys returned to ‘Asia Song Festival’ as acknowledged Hallyu stars after winning their rookie award at the same festival two years ago. They demonstrated their global growth by greeting fans and press members in Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin-Chinese.

Soohyun stated, “I’ve been resting after being diagnosed with vocal cord nodule. Today, however, I’m willing to die on stage.” He went on to sing “Neverland“, “0330“, and “Manmanhani” in perfect unison with the rest of his members, impressing everyone at the event. Read the rest of this entry

Japanese girl group Perfume close friends with SNSD & KARA


Japanese girl group Perfume recently attended a press conference on the 14th for the 2011 Asia Song Festival (ASF) held at the Inter-Burgo Hotel in Daegu.

The girls who were at the event representing Japanese artists revealed, “We met SNSD at a music program we both participated in and we became close. We e-mail each other from time to time.Read the rest of this entry

’2011 Asia Song Festival’ will feature 13 teams


The ‘2011 Asia Song Festival‘ will be held on October 15th at the Daegu Stadium at 6PM KST.  It has been reported that 13 teams from 6 countries, including Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, will be present for the event.

The three Kpop idol groups who will be representing Korea will be Super Junior, SNSD, and B2ST.

Furthermore, Super Junior’s Donghae and SNSD’s Seohyun will be performing a live duet for the theme song, “Dreams Come True“.  All sales from the theme song’s digital single will be donated to UNICEF. Read the rest of this entry

KARA wins #1 + Performances from September 15th’s ‘M! Countdown’


Mnet “M! Countdown “kembali dengan episode lain pertunjukan besar!

Itu adalah pertempuran panas antara Kara, Sistar, dan Davichi untuk tempat # 1 pada “M! Countdown “hari ini, tetapi pada akhirnya, yang akhirnya memenangkan adalah  Read the rest of this entry

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U-KISS performs a hilarious trot remake of “Manmanhani”


Pada 11 September, U-KISS guested pada ‘Konser Gag’ KBS dan memamerkan berbagai keterampilan mereka dengan sebuah remake Trot dari lagu hit mereka, “Manmanhani“.

Pojok acara ‘Superstar KBS‘ telah mencapai beberapa waktu ini berkat grup idola yang yang pernah guested  Read the rest of this entry