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SNSD’s Sunny talks about her new hairdo


Sunny‘s new hair has been catching the eyes of Sones lately but what’s all this talk about it? It’s a wig!

On October 21st, SNSD made a comeback on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Music Bank‘ with their latest song, “The Boys“. On the same day, they also performed “Mr. Taxi” for their special comeback stage.

Long before their comeback performance, however, Sunny’s blonde ‘do was one of the hottest topics in K-Pop, with fans and netizens alike praising the star for her dramatic look. Read the rest of this entry

SNSD brings the heat with “The Boys” on ‘Music Bank’


After a long year away, SNSD is finally back with a new song called “The Boys” and they’ve brought a fierce new image with them!

The girls dished out a confident swagger in their performance that drew full-out screams from the audience. In an earlier interview, Sooyoung explained the key point in their choreography, saying,“We tried hard to make [the dance] match the song, however, it’s not as aggressive or powerful as we thought initially. The ‘going down’ movement during the rap portion came about because there needed to be an impact at that point. The choreography team was trying to decide whether or not to include that move, but we insisted that we’d do it. They asked if it would be okay to just have 4 of the members do it, but all the members stated that they wanted to do it.” Read the rest of this entry

After School’s UEE supports Orange Caramel’s comeback


Adding to the long list of celebrities who’ve cheered on the resident ‘cute-concept’ trio of the K-Pop world, After School‘s UEE recently lent her support to her Orange Caramel siblings at their comeback performance on KBS’s Music Bank.

According to accounts, UEE paid a visit to their waiting room prior to their performance.  She joined the audience during their stage to cheer on her fellow groupmates along with their fans. Read the rest of this entry

SNSD’s album release and comeback date confirmed


Earlier, it was reavealed that SNSD‘s comeback would be delayed from the originally scheduled date of October 7th with SM Entertainment’s decision to release a U.S. album in addition to the Korean album.

Ever since then, fans as well as other artists who were scheduled to comeback in October, have been anxiously anticipating the date of SNSD’s comeback. Read the rest of this entry

Super Junior’s Leeteuk expresses his excitement for first “A-Cha” comeback stage


Pada 23 September, Super Junior Leeteuk bertemu dengan wartawan tepat sebelum kinerja pertama kelompok dari “A-Cha” di ‘Music Bank’ KBS.

Leeteuk menyatakan, “Ada banyak antisipasi yang berjalan di  Read the rest of this entry

KARA celebrates their ‘K-Chart’ win with a group photo


Setelah datang pergi dengan piala ‘K-CHART‘ pada episode semalam dari ‘Music Bank’ KBS, para wanita berbagi perasaan yang gembira mereka melalui update foto di Twitter mereka.

Pada 23 September, maknae Jiyoung tweeted, “Wow, wow! Kami telah Read the rest of this entry