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SNSD charms with their aegyo and casual fashion


On November 2nd, SNSD guested on MBC Radio‘s ‘Stop the Boring Time‘. Fans who tuned in also got treated to visuals recently, as a collection of selcas and snapshots from the studio made its way online.

Since it’s been a little chilly lately, the girls wore warm outfits with statement pieces Read the rest of this entry

Super Junior’s Yesung looks like a prince in his latest selca


On October 29th, Super Junior‘s Yesung shared a princely selca that showed off his handsome looks.

He tweeted, “When I’m bored, I stare off into space in a daze.”

With his eye makeup and high-collared jacket, Yesung looks like he’s modelling for a fashion shoot, rather than staring off into space. Fans are raving over how he looks like a pretty boy that’s jumped straight out of a comic book. Read the rest of this entry

Fans flock in front of Super Junior’s hotel


On October 23rd, Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk shared a few photos from New York City!

The idol tweeted, “I’m in New York. I will return after an epic concert. Thanks for the warm welcome.”

He continued, “It’s late in the evening, but our beautiful fans are still standing outside our hotel.  It’s cold, so please return home safely as soon as possible. Thank you so much.” Read the rest of this entry

SNSD’s Seohyun puts on sunglasses and gives off a chic vibe


A chic picture of SNSD‘s lovely member, Seohyun was recently revealed.

On an online community board, Seohyun‘s selca was uploaded and Seohyun was seen wearing a snow white blouse, accenting her feminine features with her voluptuous hair. Read the rest of this entry

SHINee’s Key thanks fans for the birthday wishes


Key anggota SHINee mengirim pesan terima kasih kepada semua orang yang berharap padanya saat hari ulang tahun ke-21 .

Key update me2Day dengan foto dirinya dan Taemin sesama anggota. Dia menulis, “Ini ulang tahunku. Terima kasih semua Read the rest of this entry

G.NA shares birthday pictures with her family


Penyanyi G. NA berbagi beberapa gambar dari pesta ulang tahunnya dengan keluarganya.

Pada 13 September, G. NA tweeted, “Setelah makan siang dengan keluarga saya Ulang Tahun! Saya suka Ibuku dan bibi saya! Saya lebih muda dan lebih tua sepupu, dan bibiku tertua. Aku sangat bahagia “.

Dalam gambar, G. NA terlihat mengenakan baju Read the rest of this entry