U-Kiss loves Lee Seung Gi


Male idol group U-KISS shared a photo taken with Lee Seung Gi.

On October 15th, Kevin revealed the above picture on Twitter with a short comment, “Together with Lee Seung Gi. You’re the coolest guy, hyung! Thank you for taking a picture with us!

In the picture U-KISS members, Kevin, Ki Sub, Dongho, and Soohyun are brightly smiling at the camera with Lee Seung Gi.

Dongho commented, “Korea’s national brother Lee Seung Gi! He glady agreed to our suggestion to take a picture together! Oh he is good looking, kind, a great actor, singer and an entertainer! We are inspired, we love you!“, showing much adoration for the popular star.

Netizens who came across his twitter wrote, “It’s heart-warming to see such a relationship“, “Dong Ho’s love confession! It’s meaningful“, and “U-KISS is so cute, you could have made the suggestion with confidence“.

Source: StarNews

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