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After School Boys feature in latest ‘New Balance’ CF


Pledis Entertainment has been teasing us all year long about the impending debut of their new boy group, After School Boys. The boys have been making small appearances here and there as backdancers and rap features for their labelmate seniors, but very little was known as to how many members would be in the group. Read the rest of this entry

Orange Caramel reveals concept image for “Shanghai Romance”


Following on the heels of Nana‘s unofficial teaser yesterday, Pledis Entertainment has just unveiled the first teaser image for Orange Caramel‘s comeback single, “Shanghai Romance“! Read the rest of this entry

Pledis to hold auditions in LA & San Francisco


Pledis, rumah artis papan atas, Son Dambi, After School, dan Orange karamel telah menginformasikan audisi mendatang mereka di Amerika Serikat.

Dijuluki “PLEDIS U.S.A. Personal Audition” dan melalui audisi, mereka berharap untuk bertemu dengan orang yang sangat terinspirasi dan  Read the rest of this entry