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Orange Caramel’s Lizzy celebrates Halloween as a pumpkin


Possessed by the spirit of Halloween, Orange Caramel‘s Lizzy tweeted an adorably festive selca today.

Oh yeah, today is Halloween day. This is a pumpkin. How many pumpkins are in this photo? What? Three?”, she wrote.

Lizzy donned a pumpkin headband and held up a tiny jack-o-lantern to her smiling face. Although pumpkins in Korea are usually referred to as a metaphor for ‘unattractiveness’, Lizzy looks anything but in her festive costume. Read the rest of this entry

After School Boys feature in latest ‘New Balance’ CF


Pledis Entertainment has been teasing us all year long about the impending debut of their new boy group, After School Boys. The boys have been making small appearances here and there as backdancers and rap features for their labelmate seniors, but very little was known as to how many members would be in the group. Read the rest of this entry

Heechul Super Junior mengungkapkan mengapa ia merasa sayang terhadap Lizzy After School


Setelah gambar sebelumnya yang menunjukkan Heechul Super Junior berpose dengan parade K-Pop selebriti, ia meluncurkan foto lain yang menunjukkan Afetr School Lizzy mendukung “Mr Simple “comeback.

Dalam gambar, Heechul berpose biasa ‘keren’ hadapi saat Lizzy tersenyum dengan tanda-V lucu. “Menjadi berteman dengan Lizzy melalui ‘Running Man’. Dia bisa berbicara dengan baik dan bertindak baik. Untuk beberapa alasan, dia seorang gadis aku merasa banyak kasih sayang terhadap. Mengingatkan saya hari sekolah saya, “katanya.

“Ketika saya berumur 18 tahun, saya menjadi kecanduan ‘Lineage’,” ia melanjutkan mengatakan, referensi peran-bermain online populer permainan. “Kami dekat karena namanya mengingatkan saya dari garis keturunan.”

Following previous pictures that showed Super Junior’s Heechul posing with a veritable parade of K-Pop celebrities, he unveiled another picture which showed After School’s Lizzy supporting his “Mr. Simple” comeback.

In the picture, Heechul strikes his usual ‘cool’ face while Lizzy is smiling with a cute V-sign. “Became friends with Lizzy through ‘Running Man‘. She can talk well and act well. For some reason, she’s a girl I feel a lot of affection towards. Reminds me of my school days,” he said.

“When I was 18 years old, I used to be addicted to ‘Lineage‘,” he went on to say, referencing the popular online role-playing game. “We got close because her name reminds me of lineage.”

source. allkpop