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After School releases “Diva” PV teaser in Japan!


After debuting with “Bang!” earlier this year, After School is returning to Japan with a remake of their hit “Diva“! Their agency Avex Entertainment has just released a 1:22 PV teaser on Youtube for fans worldwide to enjoy.

Although it doesn’t reveal the full track, it looks like the Japanese version will have noticeable differences as opposed to its original. The wardrobe takes a step away from the bright concept of the original for a black, white and pink theme, and the MV even features shots of dance sequences with choreography and outfits reminiscent of “Let’s Step Up” during “Shampoo” promotions. The track itself also gets an electronic twist. Read the rest of this entry

T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” grabs first place on Oricon daily chart


T-ara telah menciptakan daebak pada hari debut Jepang mereka!

Pada 28 September, gadis-gadis merilis single debut mereka, “Bo Peep Bo Peep“, yang pada #peringkat 1 di chart single harian Oricon.

Album ini direkam dalam penjualan 20.068 eksemplar, jumlah yang tinggi dibandingkan dengan kelompok gadis lain yang membuat Read the rest of this entry