Wonder Girls unleash first video teaser for comeback!


The Wonder Girls‘ return to the Korean music scene has been nothing short of explosive: after releasing two batches of photo teasers that blew everyone away with the ladies’ mature transformations, the Wonder Girls have delivered an incredibly fierce video teaser for their comeback album!

With equal levels of sophistication and elegance exhibited in the previous releases, this video has got everything that fans have been anticipating: a gorgeous set, and a rocker-chic transformation that exceeds expectations. The teaser opens with a powerful vocal note, followed by flashes of each member amid a room of hanging lightbulbs and music equipment, with visuals full of hairflips, studs and leather.

Before embarking on their venture into the American market, the Wonder Girls were known as “Korea’s Little Sisters”, but this maturation proves that the quintet has done quite a bit of growing up over the course of a hiatus that seems to have been well worth the wait. After introducing the retro trend to the k-pop scene years back, the ladies are ready to dominate with an edgy rocker-chic concept that fans new and old will be sure to love.

JYP Entertainment stated, “The teaser photo revealed today is a teaser photo for Wonder Girls’ second official album, and contains the image of Wonder Girls who have perfectly completed the preparations to greet fans in Korea.” They added, “We ask for your continuous interest and love.

Even if you weren’t a Wonder Girls fan before, this is definitely a video teaser you don’t want to miss. Check it out below!

S. allkpop

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