SNSD’s Sunny talks about her new hairdo


Sunny‘s new hair has been catching the eyes of Sones lately but what’s all this talk about it? It’s a wig!

On October 21st, SNSD made a comeback on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Music Bank‘ with their latest song, “The Boys“. On the same day, they also performed “Mr. Taxi” for their special comeback stage.

Long before their comeback performance, however, Sunny’s blonde ‘do was one of the hottest topics in K-Pop, with fans and netizens alike praising the star for her dramatic look.

In an interview prior to SNSD’s album release, Sunny stated, “The bob is really a wig. After receiving positive feedback from fans when the teaser was released, I felt good… Although I proposed that I would style myself, I haven’t decided if I’m going to wear the wig on stage yet.”

It was later revealed that both Sunny and SM Entertainment decided to stick with the wig, as fans seems interested in this new look.

Do you feel a bit disappointed that it’s a wig, or relieved? Toss us your thoughts below!

Source: Star News

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