Won Bin & SNSD’s YoonA voted as the #1 stars netizens want to hold hands with


Actor Won Bin and SNSD‘s YoonA were crowned as the #1 celebrities that people would to go on an autumn walk with while holding hands.

Personal and household care products company, CJLION, polled netizens on their homepage on who would be their ideal autumn date. 12,000 people participated in the survey, and declared that Won Bin and YoonA were the top male and female dates.

With his dashing good looks, Won Bin obtained 12% of 1,402 votes – placing 1st for the male celebrities. Following close behind was Lee Seung Gi with 11% (1,360 votes), and So Ji Sup with 8% (908 votes).

For the females, YoonA clinched 1st place by a large margin with 26% (3,161 votes). Kim Tae Hee followed with 7% (842 votes), and IU received 5% (546 votes).

Did your bias make the cut? Who would you like to have seen on the poll?

Source + Photo: Nate

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