SHINee sets a new record in the 44 year history of the Oricon


The boys of SHINee recently released their third single “LUCIFER” in Japan on the 12th, and they have rose towards the top of the Oricon chart along with famous rock band L‘Arc~en~Ciel, seizing the #2 spot!

Their previous Japanese singles “Replay” and “JULIETTE” along with the most recent “LUCIFER” have all ranked in the TOP 3 on the Oricon singles weekly chart. This marks the first time for a foreign artist to achieve this mark, meaning SHINee has set a new record.

Furthermore, on Oricon’s main page, it read, “This is the first time in the 44 year history of the Oricon that a foreign artist (soloist included) released three different singles, and all 3 have ranked within the TOP 3″, making this achievement all the more significant.

SHINee has plans to release their first full-length album “THE FIRST” on November 23rd, and their fame in Japan will only grow from here.

The boys will also be holding independent concerts on the 27th in Nagoya Gaishi Hall, as well as on November 24th & 25th in Osaka.

Source & Image :  Nate

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