After School’s UEE supports Orange Caramel’s comeback


Adding to the long list of celebrities who’ve cheered on the resident ‘cute-concept’ trio of the K-Pop world, After School‘s UEE recently lent her support to her Orange Caramel siblings at their comeback performance on KBS’s Music Bank.

According to accounts, UEE paid a visit to their waiting room prior to their performance.  She joined the audience during their stage to cheer on her fellow groupmates along with their fans.

“Since my Orange Caramel friends worked hard on this album to present their fans with a perfect gift, I hope many people regard them with interest and watch them grow,” she said. “Orange Caramel, fighting!”

Netizens were taken with UEE’s manners, saying, “What a familial atmosphere. Orange Caramel and UEE fighting!” and “Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” is a very unique and tangy song, I’m already addicted to it!”

Source: Sports Chosun

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