TS Entertainment discusses the concept behind SECRET’s “Move”


Earlier today, SECRET revealed a teaser for their “Love is MOVE” music video through various music sites such as Melon and Naver.

“Love is MOVE” has already captured the interest of netizens with sexy outfits that show off the member’s figures, a sexy wave dance from “bagel girl” Hyosung, and the song’s addictive hook line, “come on”.

TS Entertainment revealed that the concept this time around was inspired by Betty Boop. They stated, “Betty Boop was a popular cartoon character back in the ’70s that caused a sensation for her cute face and sexy figure. The Betty Boop character is still an icon to many women because of her ability to speak her mind while still maintaining her feminine charisma. The idea behind Betty Boop seemed to match the haughty and confident image that SECRET is trying to express for this concept.”

The full music video for “Love is MOVE” will be revealed on October 18th along with the release of their 1st official album.

Today is also Hyosung’s birthday, so let’s all wish her a happy birthday!


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