SECRET reveals more teasers for “Moving in SECRET”!


Photos of SECRET members Ji Eun and Hyosung have been unveiled ahead of the group’s first official album release!

SECRET’s management TS Entertainment announced via press release the title of SECRET’s 1st official album, ‘Moving in Secret’, as well as releasing some teaser photos for eager fans. Following the release of teaser photos of Sunhwa and Zinger, photos of Hyosung and Ji Eun were released.

In the teaser photos, publicly renowned ‘bagel-girl’ (a baby face with a glamorous body) Hyosung’s strengths shined as she seductively posed with an attire revealing her sexy figure, where Ji Eun broke out of her former pure image like Sunhwa and Zinger with a breathtaking side-profile shot

Netizens commented, “SECRET’s charisma! I’m anxious!”, “They got prettier”, “SECRET official album DAEBAK!”.

TS Entertainment explained that the album title ‘Moving in Secret’ symbolizes SECRET’s magnetism, expecting the public that gained interest in SECRET to fall deeper into their appeals through the album.

As SNSD is scheduled to come back on October 19th, SECRET is faced with an unavoidable head-to-head competition. The main attraction for hungry netizens now is which group will be under the spotlight at the end of the season.

S. allkpop

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