‘J.ESTINA’ reveals SNSD YoonA & Yuri’s still-cuts


Earlier, we reported that SNSD became the endorsement models for fashion brand ‘J.ESTINA‘. So far, a group shot as well as photos of members Sooyoung and Seohyun were revealed. On October 11th, YoonA and Yuri‘s cuts were released to the press.

YoonA rocks a very clean look with her white blouse and high-waisted beige pants. A grey suede belt adds some texture, while her J.ESTINA leather backpack prevents the look from being too boring.

Yuri, on the other hand, dons a more cosmopolitan outfit. Her feathered skirt and puffed-sleeve blouse mimic the movement seen in her handbag’s navy-colored waves. It’s a fun, flirtacious look that plays around with patterns and structure.

It seems like the brand plans to release additional still-cuts, so stay tuned for more releases from J. ESTINA!

Source: Nate,

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