‘Vampire Diaries’ actresses Kat Graham, Nina Dobrev praise K-Pop & 2NE1


Recently, an exchange of tweets between Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev, actresses from the popular American TV show ‘Vampire Diaries’, praised K-Pop and one of its outstanding groups, 2NE1.

On October 6th, Kat Graham tweeted a link to 2NE1′s “I Am The Best” music video to a friend, stating, “I’m going to need you to tweet that amazing Korean pop music video lol! Watch this one too.”

Shortly after her first tweet, it seems she discovered Perez Hilton‘s K-Pop posts and expressed her excitement over the revelation. “OMG dyinggg! Apparently I’m not the only one obsessed with K-Pop! So amazeballs!!!,” she exclaimed.

Her co-star and the lead actress of the show, Nina Dobrev, also shared a link to 2NE1′s music video on October 7th, stating, “These chicks are pretty amazing. Badass!”

To which Kat Graham replied, “Korean pop baby!”

‘Vampire Diaries’ is currently in the midst of its 3rd season and airs every Thursday night on the CW channel.

S. allkpop

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