Daily Archives: October 6, 2011

KARA members wish Nicole a Happy Birthday


KARA‘s Nicole whose birthday is October 7th, 1991 has just turned 20!

Her fellow members updated their Twitter pages in celebration of her birthday.

Leader Park Gyuri tweeted, “You guys know it’s Nicole’s birthday today, right? Let’s wish her a happy birthday!” Read the rest of this entry

SNSD’s Jessica is devil-like to Japanese fans?


It has been revealed that Jessica of SNSD has been found to be ‘devil-like’ to some Japanese fans.

This shocking discovery has been made on cable channel Y-Star‘s ‘Goong Geum Ta‘ by asking roughly 200 Japanese tourists to rate the members of SNSD. Not only did the Japanese tourists know who they were but they knew all their names and their specialties (personality and what they’re most known for). It was amazing to see how popular and the vast knowledge the Japanese fans had of SNSD. Read the rest of this entry

SNSD’s comeback causes a delay in the comeback of other artists


SNSD’s delayed comeback didn’t just upset fans; it’s also thrown the comeback plans of other artists into complete disarray.

Many had planned their comeback dates to avoid being overshadowed by SNSD, but now that the date’s up in the air, they all confessed that they have to re-adjust their schedules.

A representative of one artist who was originally scheduled to Read the rest of this entry

TEEN TOP celebrates Chunji’s birthday


TEEN TOP gave fans a peek into their birthday celebration for fellow member Chunji.

On October 5th, the above photo was uploaded onto the team’s me2day along with the message, “Fun party time~ C.A.P. hyung (older brother) blew out the candles!!! Again, Chunji hyung, happy happy birthday.” Read the rest of this entry

SNSD’s Seohyun puts on sunglasses and gives off a chic vibe


A chic picture of SNSD‘s lovely member, Seohyun was recently revealed.

On an online community board, Seohyun‘s selca was uploaded and Seohyun was seen wearing a snow white blouse, accenting her feminine features with her voluptuous hair. Read the rest of this entry

SNSD’s Yoona models for cosmetic brand Innisfree


Curious to know how SNSD‘s Yoona maintains her baby-like skin?

Cosmetic brand Innisfree is currently advertising their new ‘honey serum’, using Yoona as their newest model/spokesperson. The photos from her newest photo shoot display just how flawless Yoona’s skin is, despite the extremely hectic and busy schedule she maintains. Read the rest of this entry