SNSD’s Shorts: Hot or Too Short?


The length of SNSD‘s shorts are currently a hot topic amongst netizens.

On October 3rd, SNSD performed live at the ’2011 Hallyu Dream Concert’, putting on a very powerful and glamorous performance, attracting a tremendous amount of praise and cheer from fans.

As soon as photos of the performance were posted online however, the shortness of the members’ shorts instantly became a hot, controversial topic.

Netizens commented, “Aren’t they too short? There’s a certain length that is appropriate“, “They’re almost like panties…that’s embarrassing“, “I can almost see their butts“, expressing negative emotions.

At the same time, there were other comments such as, “Not everyone can pull them off… they look attractive to me“, “They’re average length shorts“, “I personally like them a lot” and “I’m so jealous of SNSD members’ genetically long legs“.

Source: Asiae, Kyeongin, XportsNews



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