KARA’s Gyuri cries as she wraps up her final episode of ‘Shimshimtapa’


On October 3rd, KARA‘s Gyuri officially wrapped up her DJ-ing activities on MBC FM‘s ‘Shimshimtapa‘.

Her overseas schedules with KARA led to a lot of absences, leading Gyuri to personally make the decision to depart from the show. Although it was her decision, she couldn’t hold back her tears as she wrapped up her final episode after a year and five months.

Gyuri stated, “Being a DJ is a precious position that I could never replace with anything else in my life. On my final day, all of our PDs, writers, and fixed guests all came together, which I heard was something that rarely happens. Thank you so much for always being there for me.”

She continued, “This radio show means more to me than just work. I think every morning, I’ll feel empty and out of place when I’m not in the radio booth like I’m meant to be. It will be hard to escape that feeling. If I receive another such opportunity, I’d love to return as a DJ. My dream is to work as a DJ for a long, long time, for over 20 years, and hopefully one day receive the Golden Mouth award.”

Gyuri will be starting her ‘200 Pound Beauty‘ musical in Osaka, Japan from October 8th.


Source + Photos: Issue Daily via Naver




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