Chocolat reveals they made a cameo in Jay Park’s ‘Mr. Idol’


It’s been revealed that five-member girl group Chocolat has made a special appearance in the upcoming movie, ‘Mr. Idol‘.

The members played the role of Korea’s top idol group, and according to staff on set, they delivered a convincing performance. The filming crew were particularly impressed by Chocolat, as the girls filmed this cameo before making their official debut.

Chocolat revealed, “We were very nervous when filming. Now, we can’t believe that we participated in a soon-to-be-released movie. In the film, we took on the role of being Korea’s top idol group; we will work hard towards living up to that role, and hope to spread our name more in the future. Please give much love to Chocolat and ‘Mr. Idol’.

‘Mr. Idol’, which stars Jay Park and Park Ye Jin, will be released in theaters across Korea on October 27th.

Source + Photo: Sports Donga via Naver

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