How would MBLAQ’s G.O look as a princess?


A hilarious, yet oddly elegant picture of MBLAQ‘s G.O has become quite the hit amongst A+s lately.

On October 3rd, fellow member Mir tweeted, “Awww~ So cute~”, and attached an old screenshot of G.O during his goatee days donning a very pink hanbok and a long-haired wig. The ‘Princess’ effect gets topped off with a tiara and a tint of blush on his cheeks.

The screencap was taken from MBLAQ’s past variety show, MBC every1‘s “Idol Army Season 5″, during an episode where their mission was to act in a theater play.

G.O took the role of Princess Chun Myung from the hit drama, “Queen Seonduk”. Because of his goatee, he was instead given the nickname, “Princess Hair Myung”.

Source: Xports News via Nate

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