Super Junior performs “Highway Romance” on Music Bank


‘Music Bank‘ dimulai episode baru hari ini dengan tahap Chuseok khusus dari Super Junior!

Mengenakan hanboks warna-warni (pakaian tradisional Korea), mereka tampil penutup yang menyenangkan Highway Romance” untuk fans mereka ynag menjerit. Penggalian parit agresif mereka “Mr Simple “citra Super Junior harus menyenangkan bagi performa ini, karena mereka melompat-lompat, berpegangan tangan, dan melambaikan tangan dengan penuh semangat untuk fans mereka. Setelah itu, mereka memberi penonton ucapan tradisional dengan membungkuk di atas panggung.

‘Music Bank’ kicked off its new episode today with a special Chuseok stage from Super Junior!

Dressed in colorful hanboks (Korean traditional clothes), the boys performed a fun cover of “Highway Romance” for their screaming fans. Ditching their aggressive “Mr. Simple” image, Super Junior simply had fun for this performance, as they jumped around, held hands, and waved enthusiastically to their fans. Afterwards, they gave the audience a traditional greeting by bowing on the stage.

Check out their performance below!

Source. allkpop


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