After School partners up with Hello Kitty!


After School menjadi gaya untuk koleksi terbaru Hello Kitty!
Sebagai bagian dari promosi Jepang debut mereka, gadis-gadis bekerja sama dengan Sanrio ikon populer, yang disalurkan pakaian marching band anak-anak ‘dan gaya rambut. Akan ada delapan desain yang berbeda tersedia untuk masing-masing dari delapan anggota, dan boneka akan dijual di Setelah konser mini School pada tanggal 10 September.

Gadis-gadis sudah menyebabkan sensasi di Jepang berkat kinerja genderang mereka untuk “Bang!”. Pada 17 Agustus, mereka mengadakan showcase di depan 3.000 orang, dan tiket dilaporkan terjual habis hanya dalam satu menit. After School juga akan mengambil bagian dalam konser J-pop besar, ‘‘a-nation‘.’.

The ladies of After School became the style muses for the latest Hello Kitty collection!

As part of their Japanese debut promotions, the girls teamed up with the popular Sanrio icon, who channeled the girls’ marching band outfits and hairstyles. There will be eight different designs available for each of the eight members, and the dolls will be sold at After School’s mini concert on September 10th.

The girls are already causing a sensation in Japan thanks to their drum performance for “Bang!“. On August 17th, they held a showcase in front of 3,000 people, and tickets were reportedly sold out in just one minute. After School will also be taking part in the big J-Pop concert, ‘a-nation‘.

Source. allkpop

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